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We produce the best quality diamond compound for ceramic, electronic, carbide valve industry, precious & semi-precious stones, mold, and "dies" industry. We micronize diamond powder to sub micron level with extreme precision required for high-tech electronic industry. We welcome new applicants for our diamond compound and diamond powder. SMG's research engineers will help you find the most suitable compound for your unique application, or we will develop a new compound for your needs. At SMG, manufacturing the highest quality products with the goal of satisfying our customers is our first priority.

Diamond is the hardest and the most abrasive-resistant material known. These exceptional qualities have extended the use of diamonds into practically every type of industry, and rapidly expanding into many new fields. Advance technology now allows us to have 1/10 and 1/20 micron diamond powder and approaching nanometers and even angstrom.Diamond Compound-Powder



SMG produces over 100 different diamond compounds in three concentrations of Light, Medium and Heavy. We have Oil Soluble, Water Soluble, and universal diamond compound of Oil and Water Soluble.Diamond Compound ( This Link has a 220K Image) Diamond Compound Price List.


Diamond Compound (This link has a 23K Mono Color Image)

SMG produces over 100 different diamond slurries in three concentrations of Light, Medium and Heavy. We change the slurries variables such as suspension characteristics, solubility, viscosity, diamond concentration, reduction of ion contaminants such as chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, and phosphates, PH levels and more in such a way to perfectly suite your applications characteristics. In addition to our standard slurries available in quantities from 0.1 micron to 45 micron (please check our price list) with water carrier, oil carrier and universal water and oil carrier, we constantly design unique diamond slurries for our customers to satisfy their unique application. For your own customize diamond slurry please fill out our form.


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