Welcome to Sun Diamond Powder Page. Diamond is the hardest and the most abrasive-resistant material available to mankind. These outstanding qualities have extended the use of diamonds into many industries, and is rapidly expanding into new fields. We at SMG are proud to provide the best synthetic and natural diamond powders for industrial, scientific, artistic and educational communities worldwide.

SUN-PWN (5000X Magnification)
Natural diamond powder (SUN-PWN) was the predominant product commercially available until 1957, before production of synthetic diamond powder. It is relatively more expensive than synthetic diamond powder and for certain polishing applications on materials like Single Crystal Ferrite, Tungsten Carbide (6% CO), or Ti-6AL-4V Alloy has a lower cutting rate. However, for polishing of certain precious stones like sapphire it has higher material removal rate and it is recommended.

SUN-PWS (5000X Magnification)
Single crystal synthetic diamond powder (SUN-PWS) was first invented by GE and it has been commercially available since 1957. A significant characteristic of synthetically produced mono crystal diamond powder is it's friability, or material's ability to fracture. This friability feature, continuously produce fresh cutting surfaces during polishing. Mono crystal diamond powder is the most vastly used diamond powder today. It has significantly lower cost and is well suited for a wide variety of applications in both the loose and fixed systems. In certain application for polishing of materials like Single crystal ferrite, Tungsten Carbide (6% CO), Ti-6AL-4V Alloy, and zirconium oxide have shown significantly higher material removal rate than natural diamond and produce a smoother finish.

SUN-PWP (5000X Magnification)
Poly crystaline diamond powder was invented by Du Pont and has been commercially available since 1970. It is synthesis via "shock-synthesis". "Shock-synthesis" is basically the balance of temperature, pressure, time, and a specially formulated recipe containing graphite the source of convertible carbon.Total world consumption of this powder is approximately 5 million carats per year which is much lower than Single crystal synthetic powder and it has significantly a higher cost. Poly crystaline diamond powder are used in both loose and fixed abrasive systems. Super polishing of sapphire, mono crystalline ferrite and titanium carbide are most commonly achieved by the use of this crystal.

SUN-PWCE (5000X Magnification)
Single crystal synthetic diamond powder is chemically etched. In order to produce sharper and higher edges, this crystal has gone through a series of chemical etching. Additional steps of chemical etching increases the cost of this powder. However, it has a higher cutting rate than normal single crystal powder and it produces a finer finish.

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